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'Fire of Love': An Etheral and Dynamic Portraiture of Two Iconoclastic Volcanologists

Movie poster for the documentary Fire of Love

Fire of Love (2022) is an American-Canadian documentary film that details the lives of Katia and Maurice Kraft, French volcanologists killed in the eruption of Mount Unzen in 1991. Employing dazzling 16-millimeter footage and photography, the film weaves together a breathtaking depiction of one couple's global campaign in pursuit of answers to Earth's myriad mysteries.

First meeting at the University of Strasbourg in France, Katia and Maurice's immediate chemistry carried them forward on a pioneering dual career documenting volcanoes and pyroclastic activity—all the while making significant contributions to the field of volcanology. Their story, however, is as much one of adoration and camaraderie as it is of molten lava. Filmmaker Miranda July narrates their adventures with sublime elegance, while French musician Nicolas Godin adds a wonderfully beguiling musical accompaniment to the proceedings.

Co-written, produced, and directed by American documentarian Sara Dosa, Fire of Love is an utterly sublime viewing experience imbued with palpable wistfulness. Artist Lucy Munger contributes fanciful cutout animation to bridge segments of the narrative, helping to deliver a robust pastiche of creative expression to the Krafts' story. Visually stunning, emotionally resonant and intellectually stimulating, it's a remarkable celebration of the lives and work of two fascinating individuals.


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