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'Hot Fuzz': A Riotous British Action-Comedy About a Pair of Cops Enmeshed in a Web of Conspiracy

Movie poster for Hot Fuzz (2007)

Hot Fuzz (2007) is a riotous British action-comedy about an adept yet overzealous Metropolitan Police officer named Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) who is reassigned from London to the rural village of Sandford. Disheartened by his relocation, Angel soon comes to realize that the seemingly peaceful hamlet hides sinister secrets beneath its tranquil facade.

Angel teams with movie-obsessed partner Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) to investigate a series of murders perpetrated by a mysterious cloaked figure. Piecing together clues to a complex web of criminality, the pair hones in on an elaborate plot to preserve the hamlet's annual status of "Village of the Year" at all costs. Overcoming their initial differences, the two officers bond in their fervent campaign to protect Sandford's residents against the evil forces threatening their livelihood.

Co-written and directed by British filmmaker Edgar Wright (Baby Driver, Last Night in Soho), Hot Fuzz sizzles with an audacious blend of buddy cop tropes and razor-sharp storytelling. Wright's direction infuses every frame with electrifying energy, seamlessly merging high-octane action sequences with gleeful comicality. Pegg and Frost shine with their wonderfully mischievous interplay, their partnership serving as the 2nd installment of Wright's "Three Flavours Cornetto" trilogy—following Shaun of the Dead and preceding The World's End.


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