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‘Talk to Her’: A Stirring Amalgamation of Obsession, Accord and the Frailty of the Human Condition

Movie poster for the Spanish film Talk to Her starring Javier Cámara and Darío Grandinetti

“Talk to Her” (“Habla Con Ella”) is an unusual and stirring Spanish drama from 2002 that follows two men, Benigno (Javier Cámara) and Marco (Darío Grandinetti), who develop an unusual friendship as they care for women who reside in the same care facility, both in prolonged states of unconsciousness.

Benigno is a male nurse who tends daily to the physical needs of Alicia (Leonor Watling), who lies in a coma after being injured in a car accident. Unbeknownst to his co-workers, he harbors a desperate infatuation with the young professional dancer, and his intentions as her caregiver become increasingly questionable. At the same time Marco pays vigil to his dear Lydia (Rosario Flores), a professional bullfighter injured horrifically in the ring. As Benigno and Marco bond over their yearning for their debilitated loved ones, they slowly cultivate a camaraderie that leads them both in unforeseen and surprising directions.

Written and directed by cinematic luminary Pedro Almodóvar, “Talk to Her” is a unique creation, eschewing typical narrative trappings for something all together different and refreshing. It’s a rich and candid melodrama that takes every opportunity to surprise you with it’s turns and revelations, ultimately delivering a markedly fresh and strikingly imaginative addition to Almodóvar’s remarkable oeuvre.


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