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'The Babadook': A Chilling Horror Story About a Monster Arising from the Pages of a Children's Book

Movie poster for The Babadook (2014)

The Babadook (2014) is a chilling and emotionally resonant Australian horror film starring Essie Davis as Amelia, a grief-stricken widow still haunted by the death of her husband. Struggling to cope with her loss, Amelia is left isolated and emotionally drained while caring for her young son Samuel (Noah Wiseman)—an erratic child who becomes fixated on a sinister pop-up book titled "Mister Babadook".

Samuel's growing misbehavior seems to coincide with the presence of the "Mister Babadook" book—one that features a devilish figure enshrouded in nightmarish illustrations. Amelia becomes increasingly concerned for her son's well-being after terrifying occurrences begin plaguing their home—her sanity unravelling as she contends with a malevolent force that has seemingly materialized directly from the book. The Babadook preys on her deepest fears and traumas, as the line between reality and delusion blurs and Amelia desperately struggles to protect her son from this entity.

Written and directed by Australian filmmaker Jennifer Kent (The Nightingale), The Babadook is a stark and affecting depiction of grief—the titular monster serving as a powerful allegory for Amelia's unresolved anguish. Davis is a revelation as the aggrieved Amelia, while Polish cinematographer Radek Ładczuk deserves equal praise for delivering such an immersive and nightmarish vision to the screen. By drawing the audience into a gripping exploration of the psychological toll of loss and the enduring power of maternal love, Kent has delivered a haunting illustration of the darkest recesses of the human psyche.


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