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'The Lookout': A Gripping Thriller About a Traumatized Former Athlete Drawn into the Criminal Underworld

Movie poster for The Lookout (2007)

The Lookout (2007) is a gripping crime thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Chris Pratt, a small-town hockey star whose life changes dramatically after a tragic car accident. Left with traumatic brain injury, Chris suffers from short-term memory loss and difficulty in sequencing events—making daily routines a major struggle.

Four years after the accident, Chris moves in with a blind roommate named Lewis (Jeff Daniels), who assists him in adapting to his new reality, and takes on a menial job as a night janitor at a local bank. However, the combination of Chris' impairments and his role at the bank make him a target for a group of criminals led by Gary Spargo (Matthew Goode). They manipulate Chris into participating in a furtive plan to rob the bank, exploiting his vulnerability and desire for a more fulfilling life. As the heist unfolds, Chris's fractured memory and unyielding spirit force him to delve deep, defying expectations and charting a new course for his future.

Written and directed by Scott Frank (A Walk Among the Tombstones, The Queen's Gambit), The Lookout is distinguished by its character-driven plot and the first-rate performances of its ensemble cast. Frank offers up a unique take on the crime genre, focusing on the protagonist's internal struggles and journey of recovery, while delivering a tightly wound potboiler. Imbued with a welcome touch of human empathy, it's a unique exploration of redemption, camaraderie and the challenges of overcoming seemingly insurmountable adversity.


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