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'Three Identical Strangers': The Unbelievable but True Story of Three Brothers Separated at Birth

Movie poster for the documentary Three Identical Strangers from filmmaker Tim Wardle

“Three Identical Strangers” is a stunning and unbelievable true-life documentary that begins with 56 year-old Bobby Shafran narrating the story of his matriculation to college as a freshman in 1980, only to be jubilantly welcomed “back” by fellow students—believing him to be their friend “Eddy”. Only after a mutual acquaintance realizes the coincidence and promptly drives Bobby to Long Island does he meet his long-lost twin, Eddy Galland, face-to-face.

With Bobby and Eddy's incredible reunion soon making waves in the press and their picture circulating in newspapers, David Kellman of Queens, NY comes to realize that he is, in fact, a third brother also separated from his siblings at birth. Once united, the three are enraptured by one another, becoming media sensations and appearing together on numerous talk shows around the country, before eventually opening a restaurant together in New York City.

These amazing developments, however, only serve as the prelude to a storyline that delves headlong into the mysterious intentions of the agency that assigned the brothers to their adoptive families—including the presence of a clandestine research study that may have monitored their development since childhood. It all plays out as a fascinating human interest story beset by dark currents of moral ambiguity and tragedy, conveying as phenomenal-a-true-story as you’re ever likely to come across on film, or anywhere else.


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