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'Pi': A Brilliant Psychological Thriller From the Mind of Darren Aronofsky

Movie poster for the film Pi starring Sean Gullette

The feature-length debut of famed auteur Darren Aronofksy ("Black Swan", "Mother!"), “Pi” (1998) is a dense psychological thriller shot entirely in black & white and starring Sean Gullette as Max Cohen, a socially outcast mathematician living alone in a squalid apartment in Lower Manhattan.

Working tirelessly at his computer in search of accurate predictions of stock market activity, Max is befuddled when the system churns out an inexplicable 216-digit number and a single stock pick before crashing altogether. A day later he discovers that the predictions were correct, but that the printout has been lost—setting off a mad scramble as mysterious figures besiege him for his enigmatic calculation.

“Pi” is a fascinating and thrilling cinematic construction, theorizing on how mathematics may apply to not only financial markets but to the Torrah (in the form of Gematria)—and ultimately to the foundation of all nature and existence. Wonderfully compelling and masterful work from a brilliant filmmaker at the beginning of a remarkable career.


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