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'A Fantastic Woman': A Striking and Emotionally Galvanizing Chilean Drama

Movie poster for the film A Fantastic Woman starring Daniela Vega and Francisco Reyes

​​"A Fantastic Woman" (Una Mujer Fantástica) is a Chilean drama from 2017 about a transgender singer and waitress named Marina (Daniela Vega) who loses her older lover and provider Orlando (Francisco Reyes) suddenly, leaving her heartbroken and struggling to hold her life together.

Facing suspicion and rancor from the police as well as Orlando’s extended family, Marina strives to maintain her dignity as she hopes to attend Orlando’s funeral—despite being repeatedly demeaned for her sexuality and outright abused for her involvement in Orlando’s life.

"A Fantastic Woman" is a vibrant and emotionally galvanizing film from director and co-writer Sebastián Lelio (Gloria) that lends enormous empathy to the character of Marina—providing a piercing look into her life on the outside. It's an incredibly touching and empathetic human drama, highlighted by Vega’s incredibly honest performance, that demands to be experienced and to be appreciated.


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