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'A War': Deeply Involving, Emotionally Commanding Danish Cinema

Movie poster for the Danish film A War starring Pilou Asbæk

"A War" (2015) is a searing Danish war drama that follows Commander Claus Pedersen (Pilou Asbæk) as he leads a company of Danish soldiers in modern day Afghanistan while his wife at home in Denmark struggles to care for their three children.

During a mission to rescue a family from Taliban threat, Claus’ unit is overcome by enemy fire, forcing him to make a dramatic decision that has a highly consequential effect upon himself, his fellow soldiers and his family back home.

"A War" is a tense yet thoroughly involving drama that offers a profound example of moral ambiguity and the repercussions of warfare. The acting and direction are utterly superb across the board—another enthralling and superbly humanistic affair from Danish filmmaker Tobias Lindholm (A Hijacking).


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