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'American Honey': Spirited Youth in Pursuit of the American Dream

Movie poster for the film American Honey starring Sasha Lane and Shia LaBeouf

In "American Honey", Sasha Lane stars as Star, a young woman from a broken Oklahoma home who runs off with a traveling group of door-to-door magazine subscription salespeople—a ragtag crew of lost young souls criss-crossing America in search of some semblance of the American Dream.

Drawn in by the crew’s charismatic sergeant Jake (Shia LaBeouf) and repeatedly challenged by their no-nonsense general (Riley Keough), Star finds herself immersed in a world of newfound freedom, hedonism and incessant demand to succeed and remain. It’s a bold and refreshingly original work from acclaimed British filmmaker Andrea Arnold (Fish Tank, Red Road), offering up an unusual brew of high-spirited adventurism, hard-nosed business enterprise and cult-like dedication to rule. LaBeouf and Lane both shine in their roles, brimming with sexual tension, while the entire cast brings an eclectic all-across-America vibrance that really energizes the lengthy (162 minutes) narrative.

Compounding all of this is an inspired and eclectic soundtrack ranging from modern trap anthems to country hymns, and the careful selection of songs really glues the entire storyline together in a “soundtrack of our lives” sense—very much of the times for these frantic, wayward youths of America.


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