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'Arrhythmia': A Profoundly Touching Depiction of Love and Heartache in Modern-Day Russia

Movie poster for the Russian film Arrhythmia starring Aleksandr Yatsenko and Irina Gorbacheva

“Arrhythmia” ("Aritmiya") is a strikingly involving Russian drama from 2017 that focuses on the relationship between Oleg (Aleksandr Yatsenko), a committed yet unruly paramedic, and Katya (Irina Gorbacheva) a dedicated emergency medical doctor.

Living together and working conflicting hours, the two strain to maintain some semblance of a workable relationship as Oleg drowns himself in alcohol—often disregarding Katya in lieu of intoxication. Oleg’s contrarian style of work, attending to patients more thoroughly than prescribed, puts him at odds with his superiors who charge that his deliberate style leaves other emergency victims at risk of death. The arrival of a new, authoritarian head of Oleg’s emergency services unit soon puts him in a dire position, exacerbating his anxiety and driving him to further alcohol abuse.

Written and directed by Boris Khlebnikov ("A Long and Happy Life", "An Ordinary Woman") “Arrhythmia” paints a brutally honest, stunningly authentic picture of the rigors of everyday life, beset by the complexities of love and commitment. A wonderfully touching film likely to stay with you long after it is over.


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