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'Attack the Block': A Wildly Entertaining Blend of Action, Comedy and Horror

Movie poster for the film Attack the Block starring John Boyega

“Attack the Block” (2011) is a rollicking action/comedy/horror film set amidst the council estates of South London, as a gang of tough urban youths defend their home turf against extraterrestrial invaders as they rain down from the stratosphere.

From the producers of Shaun of the Dead, "Attack the Block" shares a similar energy and irreverent sense of humor with Edgar Wright’s zombie comedy classic—highlighted by the lead performance of a young John Boyega (The Force Awakens, Detroit) in his feature film debut, as Moses, the tough, no-nonsense leader of the heroic street gang. His grit and intensity carry the storyline along a boisterous thrill-ride of commotion and peril.

Writer/director Joe Cornish really scored with this one—it’s intense, exceedingly well-made and laugh-out-loud funny, with some of the best street slang dialogue on film. Criminally overlooked upon release, "Attack the Block" is a genuine treat just waiting to be rediscovered.


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