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‘Children of Men’: An Astute, Riveting and Profoundly Expressive Dystopian Action Thriller

Movie poster for the film Children of Men starring Clive Owen

“Children of Men” is a thrilling and alarming near-future action thriller set in the year 2027, at an epoch when women around the world are beset by infertility, threatening the very existence of humankind. With society on the brink of collapse and the United Kingdom maintaining a threadbare government, asylum seekers besiege the nation amidst global sickness and tumultuous civil war waged by immigrants’ rights militias.

Theo Faron (Clive Owen), a former activist now operating as a disenfranchised bureaucrat, is kidnapped by a faction of the immigrants' rights militia know as “The Fishes”. Led by his former wife Julian (Julianne Moore), The Fishes cajole and bribe Theo into transporting a young refugee named Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey) through the dangerous remnants of war-torn England to safety. To Theo’s astonishment, Kee reveals herself to be bearing child, giving Theo and those amongst his ragtag group newfound hope for the survival of all mankind.

Directed and co-written by Alfonso Cuarón (“Gravity”, “Roma”) from the novel by P.D. James, “Children of Men” is an evocative and electrifying conception, bearing intellect, originality and superb filmmaking. Aided incalculably by stunningly inventive cinematography and camerawork by Emmanuel Lubezki (“The Tree of LIfe”, “The Revenant”), it’s a fully-realized, strikingly alive cinematic experience, delivering a profoundly expressive tale of survival and transcendence.


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