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'Phantom Thread': An Exquisite Story About an Esteemed Dressmaker Finding His True Love

Movie poster for the film Phantom Thread starring Daniel Day-Lewis

"Phantom Thread" stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Reynolds Woodcock, a highly renowned dressmaker and proprietor of the venerated “House of Woodcock” in 1950’s-era London—a man as esteemed and revered as he is prickly and fastidious.

Reynolds yearns for a companion who will inspire his creator’s eye and match his refined sensibilities, and he believes he has found his muse in the form of young waitress Alma (Vicky Krieps). He steadfastly draws Alma into his world, bearing the brunt of his often persnickety ways upon her, yet Alma proves to be tantalizingly difficult for Reynolds to shape entirely to his liking.

Written and directed by Hollywood wunderkind Paul Thomas Anderson ("Boogie Nights", "The Master") "Phantom Thread" is very much an homage to vintage melodrama, as it follows Daniel and Alma's complicated pairing down a path of intriguing turns and shades of ambivalence. Quite a showing from Day-Lewis as always—further strengthening the desperate wish that this is not his final film performance, as he has suggested publicly. If that is unfortunately the case, it's one hell of a spellbinding performance to end his career on,


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