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'Sexy Beast': A Ferocious and Shockingly Brazen British Gangster Classic

Movie poster for the film Sexy Beast starring Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley

"Sexy Beast” (2000) is a ferocious British gangster film starring Ray Winstone as Gal, an ex-convict and former London mob lieutenant who has retired to the sunny coast of Spain with his former porn star wife DeeDee (Amanda Redman). Living a life of luxury and comfort, Gal and Deedee’s charmed lives are soon shattered by the arrival of Don Logan (Ben Kingsley), a vicious former protégé of Gal’s.

Learning of a bank vault replete with an outrageous fortune, mob boss Teddy Bass (Ian McShane) has sent Don in search of Gal in order to recruit him for the score of a lifetime. Gal has absolutely no interest in returning to London though—steadfastly refusing Logan’s repeated attempts to badger and cajole him into taking part. The meat of the film is this extended and increasingly distressing tête-à-tête between Gal and Logan, with Kingsley putting on a monstrously fervid mad dog performance—terrifying and utterly spellbinding in equal measure.

The feature film debut of renowned video music director Jonathan Glazer (Radiohead’’s “Karma Police”, UNKLE’s “"Rabbit In Your Headlights”), “Sexy Beast” a wonderfully brazen and jarring reimagining of the classic gangster drama. Glazer deftly balances style and flair with character development and brilliant performances to deliver something altogether new and boldly refreshing to the screen.


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