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'Tangerine': A Refreshing and Highly Original Dark Comedy Shot Entirely on an iPhone

Movie poster for the film Tangerine starring Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and James Ransone

"Tangerine" is a unusual and refreshingly original story that follows the exploits of Sin-dee Rella (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez), a transvestite prostitute who is released from prison as the story begins.

Returning to the streets of Los Angeles, Sin-dee quickly comes to learn that her pimp and boyfriend, Chester (James Ransone), has been cheating on her while she was away—setting off a madcap pursuit of the two-timing hustler, replete with all sorts of absurd confrontations and lively supporting characters. In particular, an Armenian cab driver and his family enmeshed in the entire affair lend a wonderful cross-cultural element to the storyline—broadening the social array within the film and giving it a wonky yet warmly inclusive balance.

Written and directed by Sean Baker, who would go on to great acclaim with "The Florida Project" (2017), "Tangerine" is an invigorating and amusing treat for the viewer. A real one-of-a-kind experience with great style and flair, wonderful use of music and dynamite cinematography—particularly noteworthy since it was all shot on an iPhone 5S!


View the trailer:


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