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'The Gatekeepers': A Fascinating Documentary Detailing the History of the Israeli Secret Service

Movie poster for the documentary The Gatekeepers from filmmaker Dror Moreh

“The Gatekeepers” (2012) is a fascinating documentary providing an historical exposition of Shin Bet (the Israeli secret service) dating back to 1967, as told directly by six surviving former heads of the counterespionage outfit.

The film provides a remarkable retrospective that examines in-depth the milestone events and decisions that have shaped the agency's agenda, policies and activities over the past 50+ years. Utterly superb storytelling by director Dror Moreh that delves directly into the most important matters of hatred, violence, revenge and collateral damage. Moral questions arise surrounding a number of controversial actions and activities, and the filmmakers take the prudent approach of remaining journalistically neutral to the subject matter.

Ultimately, the revelations that each of the 6 former dignitaries deliver—including the candid assertion that violence and warfare ultimately do not work—underscore a profound and memorable history lesson. An important film that deserves far more attention—highly worthy of discovery and newfound appreciation.


View the trailer:


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