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'The Salt of the Earth': An Extraordinary Depiction of Dedication and Accomplishment

Movie poster for the documentary The Salt of the Earth about Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado

"The Salt of the Earth” ("Le Sel de la Terre") is a 2014 biographical documentary about famed Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado. Directed and narrated by Wim Wenders in collaboration with Salgado’s son, Juliano, the film tells Salgado’s life story from his childhood in northern Brazil, his early career as an economist, and ultimately the shift to photography that would lead him to over 120 countries as a world-renowned photojournalist.

Shot in stunning black and white by Juliano and Hugo Barbier, "The Salt of the Earth" is a mesmerizing exhibition of one man’s lifelong dedication to capturing humanity and nature in remarkable states of peril, compromise and elegance. From the Brazilian gold mine of Serra Pelada to the Yali Tribe of Papua New Guinea to the war-ravaged people of Rwanda (and so many more), the film follows Salgado’s career through his photography, accompanied by his personal accounts of his many encounters and impressions.

Awe-inspiring and deeply moving, "The Salt of the Earth" is an exemplary presentation of Salgado’s life and his reflections upon a career dedicated to truth, awareness and beauty. A an absolute must-see for those who embrace true life stories of exceptional achievement and accomplishment.


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