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'Wonder Boys': A Stoner Professor's Hilarious Escapades Throughout the City of Pittsburgh

Movie poster for the film Wonder Boys starring Michael Douglas and Tobey Maguire

“Wonder Boys” (2000) is the highly amusing and engaging story of Grady Tripp (Michael Douglas), an aging novelist and English professor at a Pittsburgh university. Suffering from writer's block and seven years past due on his 2nd novel, Grady fills his days smoking marijuana, carrying on an affair with his chancellor’s wife (Frances McDormand) and entangling himself in the lives of James Leer (Tobey Maguire) and Hannah Green (Katie Holmes), two of his top students.

The storyline finds Grady’s life coming to a head after his wife leaves him and his editor (Robert Downey Jr.) arrives from New York, just as James is caught up in the theft of an invaluable piece of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia—launching the storyline off on a mischievous adventure throughout Pittsburgh, featuring Grady and James as the unlikeliest of cohorts.

Based on the novel by Michael Chabon ("The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay") and directed by Curtis Hanson ("LA Confidential", "8 Mile"), “Wonder Boys” is a wonderfully original escapade full of intelligent humor and pointed insight into maturation and actualization. It's a lively and fun coming-of-age tale of self-discovery that will delight you with its playfully cerebral sensibilities.


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