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'Frank': A Wonderfully Bizarre and Strikingly Original Comedy

Movie poster for the film Frank starring Michael Fassbender and Domhnall Gleeson

"Frank" (2014) is an undeniably strange yet highly enjoyable comedy about a struggling singer/songwriter named Jon Burroughs (Domhnall Gleeson) who joins an eccentric band lead by the enigmatic “Frank”, an absurd persona prone to outlandish behavior and abstract creativity—who never shows his face beyond the enormous papier-mâché mask he wears religiously.

Narratively, 'Frank' evolves along its 96-minute running time from a highly quirky depiction of the band’s creative process to a wry satire on the social media world, and ultimately finds itself in a place of melancholy and heart that touches an unexpected emotional nerve. Gleeson plays the lead role to comic perfection, full of discomfort and blind ambition, while Michael Fassbender is superb as Frank, the wildly idiosyncratic leader of “The Soronprfbs”.

Directed by Lenny Abramson, 2015 Academy Award nominee for Room, “Frank" is a film that will really catch you off-guard with it’s wacky sensibilities and grin-inducing absurdity—all the while making you wonder if you’ll ever actually see Fassbender’s face behind that huge mask. Alas, you’ll have to watch it to find out!


View the trailer:


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