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'Snatch': Guy Ritchie's Rambunctious and Wildly Irreverent British Crime Caper

Movie poster for the British film Snatch starring Brad Pitt, Jason Statham and Benicio Del Toro

"Snatch" (2000) is a rambunctious and wryly comedic British crime film that features an ensemble of criminals embroiled in a pair of dual storylines: the first focusing on the search for a stolen diamond, while the second centers on a bush-league boxing promoter at the mercy of a ruthless gangster.

The plot begins with Franky "Four-Fingers" (Benicio Del Toro) stealing an 86-carat diamond and attempting to pawn it off on Doug "The Head" (Mike Reid) on behalf of American jeweler Cousin Avi (Dennis Farina). Franky soon runs afoul of former KGB agent Boris "The Blade" (Rade Serbedzija), who dubiously offers him a gun for protection, in return for a handsome wager on a bare-knuckle boxer named Mickey O'Neil (Brad Pitt). Meanwhile, boxing promoter "Turkish" (Jason Statham) has entered into agreement for O'Neil to throw the fight, at the behest of gangster boss "Brick Top" (Alan Ford). When Mickey defies them both and knocks his opponent out with a single punch, he triggers all-out pandemonium amongst the many disparate characters involved.

Written and directed by British filmmaker Guy Ritchie ("Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", "The Gentlemen"), "Snatch" is a boisterous crime caper steeped in Ritchie's trademark blend of humor, eccentricity and jarring ferocity. His full ensemble of idiosyncratic characters navigate a serpentine plot with panache and jocular glee, delivering a wonderfully frenetic tale of underworld misbehavior. An impressive sophomore effort from Ritchie, it's a punchy and dynamic thrill-ride, and a promising harbinger of Ritchie's successful filmmaking career.


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